The Cavaliers under LeBron James were known, especially in the playoffs, for letting LBJ stand at the top of the key and make the decisions on ball movement. That gameplan usually didn't translate into a fast-paced offense, and although they ranked 12th in pace last season, the Cavs ranked in the bottom half of the league in pace in the three years prior. They also took the fifth-fewest shot attempts per game last season, which is not a recipe for success in the modern NBA. 

This year, head coach Tyronn Lue has made some changes in practice to help push the pace.

"We've got a 12-second shot clock, which is tough," starting point guard George Hill said Saturday. "(Lue) does it to get the pace up, to get the ball up the floor, not a lot of dribbling. You've got to use the pass instead of dribble so we are just working on trying to enhance our pace. But at the same time get good shots."

The Cavs already look like an entirely different team without the King in the preseason even though they will likely only have two or three new guys in the rotation. They are currently 2-0 with two wins against the Boston Celtics and have looked like a faster team coming out of the locker room. Credit some of that to the 12-second shot clocks implemented in practice.

Nobody is expecting much out of the Cavs this season, but the team is still looking to surprise many and secure a playoff spot. Without many players capable of high-volume scoring in isolation, the team will need to move the ball well to create good looks. 

I'm sure that Tyronn Lue will enjoy his first year as the true head coach of the team.