The New York Giants organization will see Odell Beckham Jr.'s interview on Sunday NFL Countdown with Josina Anderson and will want to know why he agreed to it in the first place. The Giants are a struggling football team. They have been for a while and they know that.

They've had one winning season since OBJ arrived in 2014, and that's a frustrating thing for one of the most electric players in the entire game. But OBJ bizarrely sitting next to Lil Wayne and publicly venting in an interview with Josina Anderson about his uncertainty regarding the team that just signed him to a five-year, $90 million extension with $65 million guaranteed probably wasn't the best idea.

To express little-to-no faith in his quarterback is even more inexplicable. Eli Manning has not been playing well, and the two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback would even admit to that and has. 

But he's not the only problem. Poor play-calling, lack of a competent third wideout and additional deep threat, and a leaky offensive line have doomed the Giants in 2018.

But the difference between a leader like Manning and a disgruntled Beckham is that Manning never points the finger or expresses anything but confidence in the guys around him when the rest of the world wouldn't blame him for doing so.

OBJ, on the other hand, does not share that similar personality trait.  

Beckham is not wrong with his assessment. Giants fans and football analysts can all see that the offense is broken. But how the hell is having a personal vent session on national television and thus inviting more negative media attention to an already struggling team going to help both himself and the organization?

It appears as if this season is turning into 2017 all over again for Giants fans. The team is one loss away to the Panthers from the media hailstorm raining down hard. OBJ is an admirably passionate football player with an inspiring will to win, but this session is one that just put an unnecessary gauntlet on the team no matter the intention