EDITOR'S NOTE: 12up has been informed that the amazing mouthguard in question was designed by artist Matthew Gerald. Check out his work on Instagram @onefliartist!

Think Jonathan Taylor believes he has a future making NFL millions? Because he's definitely living by the idea of dressing for the job you want as opposed to the one you have. Check out the superstar ​Wisconsin Badgers running back up close today against Nebraska:

​​Yes sir and yes ma'am, that's a Louis Vuitton mouthguard. ​Which is a real thing that you can own.

(And Taylor knows a thing or two about ownage.)

​​Taylor is one of the best skill players in all of college football, so if any amateur athlete is going to get away with something as wild as this, he's a solid pick. And he's having himself a day once again, going over 100 yards for the fifth straight game.

You're Gucci, Jonathan.