The Correa family appears to be ready for October baseball -- according to Daniella Rodriguez and her mother.  Carlos Correa Houston Astros' shortstop, should feel a little special this postseason after his future mother-in-law made his fiance a custom jacket representing him.

Sparkle Queen, Rodriguez's mother, is known for her creations in fashion. She specializes in her unique jackets, hats and baseball jerseys. It's a fashion-filled Astros team and this may be the cherry on top of it all.

It's a pretty sweet jacket, right? The Astros will need all the luck they can take as they are facing the ​Cleveland Indians in the AL Division Series. Currently up 1-0 in the series, Houston and their 103-win team will look to drop the Indians 0-2. 

What the Astros truly hope for is production out of Correa. 

He has dealt with lingering injuries all season and could be the ultimate difference in this series. Hopefully the new jackets will provide a spark for the shortstop.