Let's face it --  Alabama has become bored. They have yet to score under 45 points in a game and have just so much talent surrounding both sides of the ball. Quarterback standout,  Tua Tagovailoa, has been exceptional. He is currently the frontrunner for the Heisman award and proves his worthiness every week. 

Tagovailoa has actually never taken a snap in the fourth quarter. That is how dominant they are.

Alabama decided to switch things up on Saturday, however. As they have incorporated junior quarterback ​Jalen Hurts into the offense before, this time was different. The offense had a set up with both quarterbacks in the game. Talk about showing off. 

The most interesting part about this whole setup is the stance of the cornerback covering Tagovailoa. The play didn't end up going to him either way, but the fact that Alabama has the comfort of putting their star quarterback on the outside is definitely a power move.

The Crimson Tide are having fun this season with the lack of talent they have been facing. Fumbles for scores, lining up their quarterback at receiver, and even scoring before ESPN can set up their cameras? Do you think they can take down the Buffalo Bills?