​The University of Maryland is under investigation following the death of 19-year-old Jordan McNair, who passed away from a heatstroke during practice this past spring. The university has video footage of the practice, but they're not sharing it...with anyone.

The law firm representing the McNair family received a letter from the university's Office of General Counsel, in which they denied their request for "any or all video recordings" near the practice facility on May 29.

However, Maryland's Associate General Counsel, Laura Anderson Wright, revealed that they cannot release the surveillance footage at this time, as they are currently undergoing an investigation by the Office of the Attorney General. Wright indicated that once the investigation has concluded, they will release the footage to the McNair family.

​​Bill Murphy, attorney for the McNair family, called the university's decision not to release the video footage "bogus," and questions whether the university is holding onto it because it goes against their defense.

Dr. Rod Walters, an independent sports medicine consultant, has seen the footage of the practice, where he concluded that although he could not get a clear glimpse of McNair's condition, he did find the coaching and training staff ​did not follow proper protocol. Walters found that McNair did not leave the field until 30 minutes after his condition was reported and that 911 was called in that same span afterwards.

While the university will not provide the video tapes at this moment, they will release them once their current investigation is over with. For now, the McNair family's lawsuit will likely be extended until then.