​The Cubs may have lost a heartbreaker to the Colorado Rockies Tuesday night in the National League Wild Card game, but the latest Bryce Harper news should have them absolutely hyped for next season. 

They were in need of some good news, and now they're going to get it. 

The Cubs are not only still the favorites to land superstar Bryce Harper, but their odds of signing him have actually increased.

This news should be super exciting for Cubbies fans, considering they had trouble scoring runs this season (especially in the last two games of the season) and Harper can drive in runs with the best of them.

I can understand why fans were on the fence about signing Harper, mainly because of his hefty price tag, but after what ​Cubs fans saw the last few months, I think they would all agree that another bat is desperately needed. 

Sure, odds don't mean anything until actual negotiations start, but this is definitely a good starting point. 

​Harper is used to early playoff exits, so I doubt that will sway him away from Chicago, given the immense talent that they have on their roster. 

Who knows, maybe he is the missing link for a team that is looking to get back to the World Series.