The Cleveland Browns are certainly improving, but they're currently still a one-win team as of this writing, losing highly winnable games thanks to poor performances. There's still plenty for fans to be angry about, as winning games remains the main objective. Some people are busy accepting the blame for the Browns' inability to close, but Jabrill Peppers sees his position differently. He believes fans aren't just hard on his play, but are also firmly in Ohio State territory and factoring in that he went to Michigan. 

He's probably absolutely right.

Peppers did admit he knew what he had to do to turn them around: simply play better. That would probably be a good start, as he's getting fairly complacent in his struggles.

It's no wonder why Peppers called fans "wishy-washy," as he's not a fan of being bullied. He has played poorly, but it's no reason for him to deal with some of the things he's dealt with while going out in Cleveland. Anytime you can't leave your house alone, you know it's a different level of hate. 

If the distaste towards Peppers really is amplified because he went to Michigan, then these fans need to take a deep breath and relax.