​Green hair. Green jersey. If you show up to ​Yankee Stadium looking like the frontman for Good Charlotte and cheering for the enemy, you've got to expect trouble in the bleachers. And one A's supporter learned that Yankee fans, when they're jubilant, will definitely chuck brews at you simply for existing.

​​In what was otherwise a pure celebration for the home team, this fan of the wrong side got absolutely rocked by what truly looks like a full beer.

Leave it to Yankee fans to be the only fan base shameless enough to spend $19 on a Pinstripe Lager before using it exclusively to soak some doofus from the Bay Area.

As if taking a major L at the hands of a surging Yankees offense wasn't enough, this kid is going to have to hop a flight out of JFK directly to the BART smelling like grains and hops the entire time. Not how he ​expected his October to go, I'd say.