​While he enjoyed the triumphs of his first career win two weeks ago on Thursday Night Football between the Browns and the ​Jets, things didn't go as well in ​Baker Mayfield's first start against the Raiders on Sunday. 

Mayfield had four turnovers, while also pointing the finger at himself for the number of drops that Cleveland's wideouts had. 

​​​​The No. 1 overall pick in this past NFL Draft didn't have his best game, and he knows that. 

While many questioned his attitude in college, Mayfield is showing some good signs of maturity with taking the blame on this on. 

Yes, if a ball hits the hands of a receiver he should catch it, but circumstances can differ sometimes. Mayfield throws with a ton of heat, which is good but sometimes your accuracy can get thrown off. 

​​This was the exact right move for Mayfield to make. Rather than deflecting blame or throwing his WRs under the bus, he's stepping up like a true leader. 

We'll see if there are less drops on Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens and their relentless defense.