Shield your eyes, Islanders fans. You don't need this kind of pain in your life. For those who are still celebrating John Tavares' decision to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs, this is proof it's not a dream. There's no reason to keep pinching yourself as he's scored his first goal in a Toronto sweater. 

That was no easy goal, either. That's the kind of goal that reminds you why he signed for massive money this offseason. 

Those who have seen Tavares play are no strangers to highlights like this. The guy knows how to find the back of the net, scoring 37 goals last season while adding 47 assists. Tavares doing so in a Leafs uniform is certainly new as the hometown crowd made sure he knew how welcomed he really was back home. 

With Tavares on this team, it immediately makes them a contender. They were dynamic last season and that was without one of the best goal scorers in hockey.

Prepare for performances like this a lot boys and girls.