​Brett Favre knows the quarterback position and what it takes to be great in the ​NFL, that's obvious. In a 20-year career, many of his years were spent at the top of his position, culminating in the mid 90s with three MVP awards and a Super Bowl. He also saw ​Aaron Rodgers behind him in practice for three years.

But, what does he think about the current QB situation in the league? In particular, Baker Mayfield?

In an interview on Sirius XM, Favre attested that Mayfield could be on the path to superstardom. 

"I think he can be great," Favre said, "To criticize how tall he is, I don't pay attention to that. I think Drew Brees has dispelled all of that talk."

​Mayfield, who has continued to fight off ​criticism over his height and college scheme, made his first start Sunday, racking up over 300 total yards and throwing for two scores, while turning the ball over four times in a 45-42 loss. 

The criticism of Mayfield is not only overblown, it can look and sound downright goofy at times. Hopefully hearing that someone as revered in NFL circles as Favre speak on behalf of Mayfield's quality as a passer can blunt the wave of unearned negative press tossed his way.