​The New York Knicks are somehow poised to go from zero superstars to potentially three in the span of just one campaign.

And this surplus won't even be coming from the draft.

As Kristaps Porzingis snakes his way back from an ACL tear, we've officially got true momentum behind the rumors that Kevin Durant is interested in switching sides once more, potentially joining the very-available Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving in New York come 2019.

Per Chris Haynes, the Knicks suddenly have a ​"very good shot" at turning MSG into the Cupcake's palace.

​​Once Durant is available, all it'll take is money to turn him into an East Coaster for the first time since his D.C. days. Truly, the only variable in this equation is ​Durant's whims--he'll have accomplished everything he set out to in Golden State. 

Will he prefer a move to a perennial pansy after being criticized for only joining winners? What about his venture capital interest and all the post-career buzz we've heard means so much to his brand?

Joining the Knicks would truly be the only way for Durant to reenter the good graces of a massive swath of NBA fans. 

Despite rousing success in defeating LeBron semi-routinely on the other side of the country, KD has hardly been beloved--even by his own fans. The Warriors will always belong to the Splash Brothers, and the big man has been the team's best player, though hardly its most iconic.

If Durant wants to change the landscape, he'll be a Knick. We're just waiting to see if the man himself can be convinced, with adequate pressure.