​Lance Stephenson somehow waking up and finding himself teamed up with LeBron James in Los Angeles is one of the NBA's most underrated storylines. Stephenson is no stranger to his "impressive" highlights blowing up on Twitter, and the case was the same in Tuesday night's preseason tilt against the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center. Take a look at whatever this is.

​​​The flair. The panache. The dance.

Stephenson just enjoys playing the sport of basketball. Can anyone really fault him for that? He was simply following through on his on-the-money pass that led to a lay-up, proceeding to hop around and dance in front of courtside ticket holders. 

This wasn't the former Cincinnati Bearcat's highlight of the game: 

This is the most Lance thing I've seen since...well, the video of the follow-through pass from earlier. He's always due for a moment or two of comedic relief during a 48-minute ​NBA game. 

The thing is, I strongly believe that Stephenson could thrive in LA, assuming LeBron coaches him up a little. Imagine Lance throwing an alley-oop to LeBron in Game 1 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals and they proceed to do some ridiculous dance walking back to the bench as their opponent calls a timeout. What would happen to Twitter? Give me the NBA season already! Thank you, Lance.