​Playing in the ​NFL is all fun and games until you get hit with a fat fine. 

While some may be warranted given how intense these games can get, we sense that players around the league won't be too pleased with a lot of these fines considering the league's controversial new rules dictating contact, particularly against quarterbacks. With that in mind, ​Steelers DB Sean Davis can't be thrilled about this one:

Davis and receiver Darrius Hayward-Bey may be well-paid professional athletes, but fines up over $20,000 aren't easy pills to swallow.

Check out how Davis reacted to the call that resulted in this notable fine:

Yeah, we're feeling you on that one, Sean. It's great that everyone suddenly wants to protect QBs, but the ​NFL needs to figure out a better way to enforce these penalties evenly and consistently.

Perhaps that's too much to ask.