​Odell Beckham Jr. has been visibly frustrated multiple times this season after plays where Eli Manning failed to look his way while he gained separation. Don't believe Odell? Need proof? Mercy, check out this nonsense from Sunday evening against the Saints.

​​It seems as though the New York Giants quarterback is hesitant to take chances this ​NFL season. 

Rookie running back ​Saquon Barkley has been targeted 27 times by Manning, which is the second most among all running backs in the league. And that would be cool, if not for, you know, all the behind-the-line garbage that actually entails.

Between the lackadaisical offensive line and ​Manning's hesitancy to throw the ball over 10 yards, the Giants are not going to win many games. 

Enough is enough; it's time for the Giants to be aggressive and take more chances.

We'll settle for one chance. Just one, one time.