The scandal that has rocked NCAA basketball has taken another interesting turn. It was revealed by Adidas exec Jim Gatto's lawyer that UNC's star freshman Nassir Little was allegedly offered $150,000 from the ​University of Arizona

The defense attorney for Gatto revealed the numerous NCAA violations and bribery committed by his client, including a massive deal to Little. 

​​Little was ranked in the No. 3 player in the 2018 recruiting class with his top teams being UNC, Arizona, Duke and Miami. In the end, Little chose Nike/Jordon sponsored UNC to be his home. 

Receiving an offer of $150,000 from Arizona is shocking, but wait there's more. Allegedly, there was another offer in place of $150,000 for Little to choose Miami. 

​​These new findings are more evidence of the alleged corruption in college basketball that led to the firing of ​Louisville head coach ​Rick Pitino and prevented top recruit ​Brian Bowen from playing college ball. 

Hopefully college basketball recruits can see what's happening and be cautious in their own recruiting journey.