​The Brian Bowen story gets deeper and more sinister. 

A new report on Tuesday states that Adidas' executive Jim Gatto's attorney promised evidence that Oregon was also part of Bowen's recruitment scandal.

 Apparently Oregon offered more money than Louisville's $100,000. While it's uncertain how much the college offered for Bowen, they evidence will still be damning for the school.

The Bowen saga has been devastating for Louisville, NCAA athletics, and Adidas. The school and brand offered Bowen and his family ​a colossal amount of money to sign with the team and Adidas when and if he entered the NBA. Bowen took the deal, causing Hall of Fame coach ​Rick Pitino and various others to face charges. 

The trial began Monday and will shine light on the years of college recruitment conspiracies. 

While the initial investigation shocked the sports world, the trial will only do worse, especially if Gatto can prove Oregon was involved.