​Through four games, you'd be hard-pressed to call this New York Giants offense high-flying by any measure.

In fact, if you believe they're excelling, you just might be high.

And after four weeks, ​Odell Beckham Jr. is finally starting to publicly sweat it. After signing the ​massive contract extension he desired this offseason, he's now starting to wonder if his energy on Sundays is a "waste".

​​“I’m doing everything I can. I put my all into this,” Beckham said this week, as the Giants fell to 1-3 in a winnable division. “I have sacrificed everything, especially coming into this year. I have sacrificed and made personal changes, doing all I can to be the best teammate and bring everything that I can every Sunday...You work way too hard five or six days a week for 60 minutes of football. I hate to get out there and waste those 60 minutes.”

Beckham ultimately piled up seven catches for 60 yards on Sunday, though that total sat at 17 until the game was nearly out of reach in the fourth.

If this is what Beckham calls wasted energy, then perhaps he simply needs to expend more of it; no matter the cause, he's not breaking the big plays that used to save this lackluster Giants team week in and week out. Eli's missing deep throws, but his remarkable efficiency on screens and slants should be more than enough for Beckham to get loose. This problem may just be two-sided.