​Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have a new Superman.

If you weren't bowled over by the ​Patrick Mahomes Hype Train during Weeks 1-3 (which seems impossible), perhaps you were won over by his first real bout with adversity?

Down 10 in the fourth quarter, ​Mahomes did ABSOLUTELY everything. Sprinting, ditching hits, and left-handed passes helped pave the way for two of the best drives under pressure you'll ever see, and the Chiefs walked away from Mile High Stadium with a 27-23 win that defied logic.

It even defied football history; did you see how many of those yards Mahomes racked up outside the pocket? Because I can guarantee you've never seen it before.

Most in the past 10 years. ​​Mahomes is a study in the unknown.

His Texas Tech team wasn't even that great. He was once more dedicated to playing baseball. And somehow, his feel for the game rivals any improviser we've ever embraced, as a rabid fanbase.

He's now got his first defining mark, just four weeks into a career that makes both zero sense and is somehow entirely logical. The Chiefs upgraded Alex Smith, gifting his dependability onto a man with a rocket arm. When's the last time Mahomes made a truly terrible decision? We're still waiting.

While the defense is suspect and likely not in its final form, Mahomes evolves every week, leaning on different targets (heck, Travis Kelce did NOTHING in the first half) in order to overcome any adversity his own roster construction or the opponent throws against him.

This was Mahomes' worst week in the NFL, and also his most spectacular. We can't wait for whatever's to come.