The Jimbo Fisher era at ​Texas A&M is facing another controversy after the head coach nearly rocked the head off of one of his players. 

In the Aggies' win over Arkansas Saturday, Fisher grabbed the facemask of linebacker Tyrel Dodson during the third quarter. Forcefully.

​​In response to the incident, ​Fisher claims he didn't grab or jerk Dodson's helmet, but the video evidence says the exact opposite.

​​Fisher would later walk back his statement and apologize to Dodson, claiming he just trying to get his attention and not cause harm to the player. 

Dodson would throw his support behind Fisher and defend the close relationship they have.

​​There's passion on the field, but what Fisher did is unacceptable. Dodson deserved to be punished for fighting with a Arkansas player, but to get yanked around like that is just not right. Be better than this, Jimbo!