​​Brewers never forget.

​And flags fly forever.

After completing a remarkable comeback from six games back in early September, the Brewers edged ahead of Chicago for good in Game 163 Monday afternoon. If the Cubs win the Wild Card Game, they'll head to Miller Park for the NLDS.

And if that happens, it's probably best for the Brewers to let the Cubs know their place. After all, Chicago's been trying to minimize their accomplishments all year long.

​​Taking us all the way back to April 29, Milwaukee made sure to let us know that "Cactus League Champs" is clearly nothing to sneeze at. After all, we now know it portends a division title.

Perhaps the Cubs will think twice next time before taking a two-by-four repeatedly to this budding rivalry? Maybe Cole Hamels won't poke the bear by calling the whole thing fake? If Chicago could reset this timeline, they probably would. This time around, it ended with the Cactus League winners stomping them on their turf.