​Before his Oakland Raiders went on the field, head coach ​Jon Gruden was scrolling through his phone and stumbled upon some news: ​Khalil Mack made another incredible defensive play for the Chicago Bears.

I don't know why Gruden was shocked, but he couldn't believe the star defensive lineman he traded before the season was dominating games for Chicago once again.

​​"Damn - Khalil Mack had another strip sack? Are you ... kidding me?" Gruden said as he scrolled through his phone, according to NFL.com's Michael Silver.

​​Yes, during the fourth quarter of Chicago's ​beat down of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mack recorded a strip sack for the fourth consecutive game as a member of the Bears.

What Mack is doing right now is exactly what the Raiders need and are looking for. They had one of those game-changing pass rushers, but for whatever reason, Gruden decided to move on from him. 

Gruden did get his first win of the season yesterday, but it might've come sooner if Mack was in the fold.