​Milwaukee, you've gotten what you asked for.

​The Brewers late-season surge, anchored by likely ​MVP Christian Yelich, gave them an opportunity to steal the NL Central from the incumbent and perennial favorite Chicago Cubs. Yet, Milwaukee is virtually going all-in on one result and still hasn't name a starter, showing an unnatural confidence that ought to be easily humbled.

As powerful and red hot as this version of the Brew Crew is, Wrigley Field doesn't play favorites and just one bad game could place them back at Miller Park with their postseason future on the line. For a team without much playoff experience, that's no small feat.

Milwaukee has been flamboyantly assertive, insisting they have the upper hand, with ​Jesus Aguilar exclaiming that the Cubs "know they have a problem" facing these Brewers. 

​​The Cubs, in the meantime, will feature Jose Quintana on the bump. While a hefty 4.09 ERA suggests recent struggles, Quintana's velocity and pitch selection proves otherwise. Quintana has the potential to mow down any lineup if he's on, and a brisk October afternoon game at Wrigley tends to favor pitching.

These Brewers are right to be among the National League favorites to win the pennant. But in a two-game season, much can go wrong. Milwaukee would prefer not find that out the hard way.