​This is just about the last thing any Seattle Seahawks fan wants to hear-- the last remnant of the legendary Legion of Boom is being taken of the field with an air cast on his left leg.

​​The superstar safety, who famously demanded either a rich contract extension or a trade out of Seattle during an offseason that included an extended holdout, now faces deep uncertainly as Hawks fans surely fear the worst.

Teammates formed a circle around him before the injury cart came and shuttled him away from the field.

​​Things just got that much more difficult for the 1-2 Seahawks, who are locked in a tight affair with the division rival Arizona Cardinals. And right now, all they can do is hope.

If you love football, you love the things that Earl Thomas does out there in the defensive backfield. Collective fingers are crossed as we wait on subsequent news about his prognosis for the rest of the campaign.