​Andy Dalton and ​AJ Green will not be denied! Down 36-31 in the final seconds of Sunday's matchup, it looked like Cincinnati would fall to Atlanta in a heartbreaker. However, Dalton indeed found Green for one of the biggest touchdowns the two have connected for... EVER. 

What kind of defense was that from Atlanta? Yup, that's a 37-36 win for the Bengals. 

Granted, it took a phenomenal throw from Dalton and an ever better catch from Green to come down with the ball. It looked like the pigskin was ready to hit the turf, ​but Green was able to scoop it up. 

For the Falcons, this is simply another devastating loss in front of their home fans. As for Cincy and Marvin Lewis, the offense continues to show it's among the best in the AFC.