​When does the scrutiny end for Jon Gruden?

Trading away ​Khalil Mack was a surprise to the whole league, leading many to question how trustworthy ​Gruden can be as a head coach. Every week this season, it seems that Mack gets better and better and the trade looks worse and worse. 

This latest stat just further proves how big of a mistake it was trading away Mack. 

The acquisition of Mack has given the Bears ​​one of the best defenses in the NFL, while the Raiders sit at 0-3 with little to be proud of this season. 

Through the first three weeks, Mack has four sacks and one pick-six. Mack has yet another forced fumble and a sack in today's game against the ​Buccaneers. He's a franchise talent and has given the Bears an incredible defense. How the Raiders thought trading him away would be worth it is beyond me. 

​​He's having a legendary season and can only get better on a stacked Bears defense. 

The Raiders will look to get their first win of the season against Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Unfortunately for the Raiders, they don't have much of a defense to keep Mayfield tested throughout the game. If only they had a franchise player to aid their defense...