Hey, Packers: we understand that Aaron Rodgers is playing broken, but that doesn't mean you need to break our nation's flag, too.

Before Sunday's kickoff against the Bills, Green Bay paid tribute to ​Buffalo's geographic confusion (maybe) by unfurling something that definitely wasn't the American flag.​

​​What country is this? No one knows. Absolutely no one knows.

Seems like the team's completely lost ​without Randall Cobb. Utterly haywire effort here.

​​It's like...France or Russia with stars? It's fully weird, whatever it is.

​​God bless the Green Bay Packers for trying to play Sunday's game under the conditions of some other, lesser flag. Perhaps in whatever country this is, Aaron Rodgers is always surrounded with primo defensive talent and is able to bring home the Lombardi Trophy annually.

In America, not so much.