JR Smith isn't in a good mood tonight, guys. Might just want to avoid poking the bear.

Smith has routinely been a punchline since the NBA Finals, and his infamous decision to run away with the ball on a missed free throw​, rather than put it up for an easy lay-in. Smith, of course, forgot the score. It was classic JR, and he's come to terms with that.

Nonetheless, blaming Smith for the Finals loss to a much better Golden State team is an overstatement. One that Smith is eager to point out.

And that's the end of that argument. Still, many fed into this argument, and JR explained why he had to put this particular hater on blast.

It's valid. Smith's blunder was memorable and hilarious, but certainly not the sole reason the Cavs lost. They were overmatched, it's as simple as that.

Give JR some credit for facing his demons.