Another day, another new report in the Jimmy Butler-Minnesota Timberwolves saga. 

We've heard that the Houston Rockets are reportedly involved in talks with the Wolves about acquiring the star forward, but this latest update shows they're getting REALLY serious about making this move and working to supplant the Warriors as top dogs in the NBA.

At this point in the Jimmy Butler sweepstakes, this is the most aggressive trade package we've heard about. The Miami Heat were reportedly interested in making a deal for Butler, but the price is very steep and they might not have enough assets to get the deal done.

Jimmy, an iso-happy player joining up with Chris Paul, James Harden, and Carmelo Anthony? Where would the ball movement be? Many of their possessions against the Warriors in the playoffs ended with a Paul or Harden three-pointer after running down the shot clock. That's simply not a recipe to cook up against the Warriors and their rapid, consistent ball movement. 

With that being said, the majority of ​NBA fans did not think Harden and Paul would work out. Perhaps it's a risk worth taking for a team desperate to prove they can take down Golden State.