​Thursday night's Los Angeles Rams-Minnesota Vikings game proved to be ​an offensive duel to the delight of NFL fans. Unfortunately, there was a duel in the nosebleeds of the Los Angeles Coliseum. Just before the end of the first half, a group of Vikings fans got into a scuffle with one Rams fan, who smacked a female fan from the bunch. In the midst of the altercation, another Rams fan came to their defense, and proceeded to throw fists with a fellow member of the Los Angeles fan base. In the course of the fight, the younger fan was launched nearly five rows down the upper deck.

​​The fan who was thrown down the seating area was not seriously injured, as he continued to scream at the fan who sent him flying. 

Stadium security removed several of those involved in the fisticuffs. It was not made clear if any arrests were made.

Alcohol and sports are a bad mix, and for those involved, they missed out on an instant classic of a game. Was fighting truly worth it in the long run?