​Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have been battling once again, but this time it's not in the Octagon. Things have been heated between the two since the UFC 214 debacle in which Jones knocked out Cormier, but was stripped of his title due to a failed drug test. This was the third time Jones had had a title taken from him for doping. 

Jones was given a reduced sentence by the USADA and will be able to return to fighting as early as October. 

Jones took some shots at Cormier over social media, and Cormier returned the fire with a brutal post.

His caption read, "So here we go again Jonny boy. First off, if you did nothing wrong and were “innocent“ then you’d have never been suspended. You’ve had to stand before these people and arbitrators so many times it’s insane. So you slipped again, how many times can one man slip? I’ve been tested 70 times and I haven’t slipped once. How do you explain that? And on top of all the cheating you’ve done around UFC 182, UFC 200 and UFC 214 that’s not even the straw that broke the camel’s back. You are actually a SNITCH! You think you’re the only one that’s been offered this deal? No, you’re just the only scumbag low enough to take it! Which one of your teammates did you tell on to get this joke of a punishment from USADA! I thought there was nothing lower than a cheater but it’s not surprising that you show me a whole new level. You’re a cheater and a SNITCH! Get off my page and go do some coke, or steroids or whatever you losers do in your spare time. #doublechamp."

​Cormier complained about Jones' frequent doping issues, but then went on to call him a snitch. A snitch? Apparently that's how Jones got a reduced sentence; he ratted someone out. Hmm.

If Cormier's claims are untrue, it just makes him look horribly bitter. Jones had already taken shots at Cormier over the fact that he has never beaten him in the ring. 

​​Both men are being bitter. Both men are being immature. But, you know what? It'll make for one great rematch.