​Jared Goff had a career day against the Vikings on Thursday Night Football in Week 4. The Rams quarterback threw for five touchdowns and 465 yards with absolute ease. 

For Minnesota, the team also allowed the Bills shaky offense led by unproven rookie Josh Allen to destroy them 27-6 in Week 3.

Could this all just be bad luck? No. Could this all be due to the offensive struggles? No. The Vikings' defense is bad. The team's front office and fans should both be worried. 

The Vikings demolished the NFC North in 2017 with a 13-3 record. Their team seemed both complete and youthful. Their defense was ranked No. 1 with young stars like Xavier Rhodes, Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr, and Eric Kendricks. It seemed as if the team had solid pieces moving forward. 

While the team had no drastic losses in free agency, the defense looks completely different. They look lost and jaded. What happened? 

​While Goff and the Rams' offense are no joke, you cannot allow a team to put up 38 points against you and expect to win. You can't play catch-up for an entire game. This is no knock on the Rams, but they shouldn't have been able to score that easily against what is considered to be a top-10 defense. Coach Mike Zimmer needs to look long and hard at both himself and the team moving forward.

So, what is going on? There's no notable losses to the depth chart ​except Everson Griffen. There is no notable coach differences. On paper, this defense should still be elite.

Maybe it's just bad luck. Maybe their game planning needs to be reevaluated. Either way, whatever is going on in Minnesota is not going to cut it. Luckily, there's a lot of season left to figure it out and they have the talent to do so.