Over the past few hours, it appears Jimmy Butler has changed his tune regarding potential trade destinations just a bit, now favoring a playoff contender in the East over his previous desired spots.

But he didn't always prefer Miami, you know.

Yahoo Sports ​NBA has recently surfaced a news clipping where Butler (23 years old at the time) made it clear that the one thing he would never wear is a...Miami Heat jersey. 

This is just the way Jimmy rolls. 

People are allowed to change their minds, of course,  and Butler is now 29, but the former Marquette guard is now spiraling out of hand. After a meeting with head coach Tom Thibodeau, ​the first round of reporting revealed that his preferred destinations were the Knicks, Nets, and Clippers

Then, ​he made it clear that he wanted a trade to the Clippers because they had enough cap room for two super-max contracts

Now he is saying that would prefer a spot in South Beach with Dwyane Wade after saying he would never wear a Miami Heat jersey. What's the over/under on how many more times Butler contradicts himself before the season starts? 

Here's to hoping that it never ends, and that we get an explanation as to why he would never wear a Miami Heat jersey (perhaps while he is wearing a Miami Heat Jersey during his introductory news conference?).