​The talk about a future NFL franchise in London has gained steam ever since ​the increased influx of regular season games held in England. However, British media believe that a recent occurrence might indicate a team could be going across the pond.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan is attempting to finalize a deal ​to purchase Wembley Stadium. According to the Financial Times, the belief is that Khan, "will vacate the premises over the autumn months when the Jaguars play NFL games, with Mr. Khan harbouring ambitious plans to bring his US American football franchise to London."

But there are still plenty of obstacles to overcome before this actually happens. In order to facilitate such a move, the league would have to agree on the premise of playing eight regular season games in London, as well as coming up with a travel schedule for potential opponents.

There's also the question if the team will keep their headquarters in Jacksonville, or if they'll move to London as well. Would the team hold training camp in London? Or will they keep it in Jacksonville? 

And how would the Jaguars convince free agents to move to England, rather than play for a team in the United States? There are just more questions than answers.

This is all speculation, as the Football Association will meet on Thursday to discuss whether or not they will approve of Khan's $800 million purchase bid.

Until then, the London Jaguars are more fantasy than reality.