​Today is not the day that you want to be a professional team's social media account or a member of the social team. Suddenly, every Tweet that every squad fired off in 2012 could suddenly become something strange.

After the ​Chicago Cubs' porn debacle, other teams have had old tweets with pictures resurfacing and morphing into some all-new garbage. While not all pornography, the pictures are completely different from the original ones they posted and it's absolutely hilarious. 

Something tells me that neither Philip Rivers nor his son have the contact name "Lizard" and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they don't talk about Niall Horan from One Direction. 

Don't let the picture deceive you; not only is it not the ​Milwaukee Brewers lineup, but it's actually a blurry shot of a town! At least we know when first pitch is.

Did Eli do something different with his hair? Who knew he had so many tattoos and such spoke vulgar language? 

I guarantee you the stage is NOT set for any kind of kickoff, unless a 9-year-old boy is getting ready to kickoff a Kidz Bop performance.

Really hard contest! Basically impossible to see anything.

I really don't think this is the prize fans were looking for when they found @FalconsMorgan by the tent. Very misleading, Atlanta, very misleading.

Usain Bolt's latest race is looking iffy. Hard to find him racing at all.

Dallas takes the cake, though.

We love the hat! Thanks for asking.

Yes, we'll be searching for these until the rest of time, thanks.