Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons is typically a pretty fly guy, but he recently partook in the "In My Feelings," challenge and it was, well...the worst thing ever?

​​Yeah, cringeworthy is about a good of a word as any. 

Not only is Chandler Parsons around two months late with this social fad, but he's disrespecting anybody who likes to dance. What exactly is he doing with his hands? Shield your eyes, Drake and Grizzlies fans. 

The challenge was very popular amongst superstar athletes across all sports, including New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 

Media Day is supposed to get NBA fans excited for the return of the sport. The Memphis Grizzlies finished with the second worst record in the league last year at 22-60, just one game ahead of the woeful Phoenix Suns. Then Parsons comes out and does this.

Parsons signed with Memphis in 2016 on a deal worth more than $90 million over 4 years, and most would say he has not been worth the investment. You would think he'd be able to provide some comedic moments if he can't play effective basketball, but he's even unable to do that.