​Former ​Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas is clearly sick and tired of all the roughing the passer calls going against defenders in the NFL. Well, he posted a plea for Packers linebacker Clay Mathews regarding his latest ​'roughing the passer' penalty in Sunday's game against the Redskins. He's straight and to the point. 

​​Thomas has known to be a jokester over his career in the league, but since he's retired, he has a lot more time to come up with some more material. 

When these calls are starting to anger the retired offensive lineman, that's how you know that the NFL needs to get this penalty under control. 

NFL players are usually calm under pressure, but for many players to react like a fan on Twitter shows how baffling these past few weeks have been. 

​​The NFL in a sense operates much like a casino; the house always wins. That's why Thomas urges Mathews to just pay up his money, because nothing is going to change in the long run.