​Viking fans, if you thought losing to the Buffalo Bills this weekend was bad, then your day is about to get much worse.

Minnesota's star defensive end Everson Griffen was absent from Sunday's game due to a previously reported "personal matter," but now other information is surfacing that suggests the situation is much, much worse.

Griffen reportedly verbally threatened to shoot someone over the weekend at a Minneapolis Hotel.

Here's the latest from Eyewitness News:

"According to police records, a person at Hotel Ivy was verbally threatening to shoot someone in the middle of the day on Saturday.

"The Minneapolis Police Department redacted that person's name from the report, but a source confirmed that it was indeed Griffen named in the report.

"According to the report, at one point staff members moved to the back of the office while Griffen paced around in the lobby."

Troubling, heavy stuff right there. And it looks like the Vikings are already prepared for Griffen to be out of the team's Thursday's game against the Rams.

One can only hope Griffen is OK mentally, but by the looks of it he's going through something serious and the organization needs to help him through it.