Tony Parker is one of the greatest players to ever wear a ​San Antonio Spurs​ jersey, having won four championship and one NBA Finals MVP with the team. 

That's why it came as such a shock when ​Parker announced that he would leave the team this year, not to retire, but to play with the Charlotte Hornets. 

With it being media day today, we got our first look at Parker in a Hornets jersey, and it just doesn't look right. 

​​The only part of that jersey that looks normal on Parker is his No. 9. Everything else looks strange. Some players were meant to wear one jersey for their entire careers, and no one wanted to see Parker do this.

Parker had a chance to explain to the media why he chose to make the move to Charlotte, rather then stay in San Antonio where he spent the last 17 seasons. 

​​It's sure going to take some getting used to, but Parker is a Hornet now and we have to adjust to seeing him outside of the black and silver.