​Let us be the first to inform you that the whole "We'll start the very reliable Sam Bradford until our hand is literally forced" experiment lasted 2.75 full games.

After two disasters and a third in the making, ​Josh Rosen entered under center Sunday evening in Arizona, and Steve Wilks no longer plans to look back. He named ​Rosen the official starter on Monday, just a few hours after Baker Mayfield got the nod in The Land.

​​Lamar Jackson next? Then that'll be all of them.

Continuing this remarkable year for rookie QBs, Rosen has already earned a starting spot, though in just about the worst possible environment (as the Bills somehow proved Sunday that you'd rather be Josh Allen right about now).

His debut performance Sunday in relief wasn't terribly encouraging: 4-for-7 with a pick and a sack taken. 

But after taking an early lead on the Bears, the Bradford-led Cards proved once and for all that they are who we thought they were, and they're now making the valiant QB change we all needed.