​We have reached a point where roughing the passer penalties look more and more ridiculous by the day. The ​NFL has put rules in place to try and protect quarterbacks, defenders try and adjust their tackling form accordingly and still, you get plays like this.

What's even more outrageous is that the referees that are in charge of enforcing these rules have become confused themselves as to how to adjust with throwing their flags. It honestly seems like they're winging it, and no example is clearer of that than in the ​Packers-​Redskins game on Sunday.

This is an official whose job it is to have eyes from behind the play and make sure that the quarterback is not being excessively hit. And yet, a pitiful excuse like this is offered up and we're left sitting here wondering if the NFL actually thinks that this will help their product in any way.

Make no mistake about it. Football is a violent sport and the injuries that are sustained in it can cause permanent changes to someone's life. However, changing the rules to try and protect players can have an opposite effect because defenders end up guessing where they can hit someone without getting flagged, which can lead to potentially serious injuries, too.

If the NFL wants a safer game, improve the quality of the pads and helmets that are used to better absorb contact. But if the NFL keeps this up, then they will lose a lot fans in a very short amount of time.