​The ​Indianapolis Colts have shown promise so far this season despite their record being 1-2. They hung in until the end in both of their losses against the ​Cincinnati Bengals and in today's 20-16 loss against the ​Philadelphia Eagles. Darius Leonard is a stud at linebacker and the team always has a chance with ​Andrew Luck back under center.

There's just one problem, though. Luck's arm strength is clearly not all the way back, as shown during the last play of the game. Luck wasn't even under center for it.

Now, if the Colts logic behind this decision is that backup ​Jacoby Brissett has the strongest arm on the team, then that's understandable, especially since Luck is still shaking the rust off after not playing for nearly two years. 

Still, this is Andrew Luck we're talking about. This is the man responsible for 14 fourth quarter comebacks and 18 game-winning drives. Sure, the Colts may feel that they need to ease Luck in a little more before letting him throw the football deep, but they need to let him take more chances.

The Colts offense is at its best when Luck is throwing it down the field to T.Y. Hilton and others. While it's highly unlikely that today's events will become a thing, Indianapolis needs to trust in their franchise quarterback's health status and let him make that kind of throw.