After ​two consecutive weeks where Packers games were marred by roughing calls on Clay Matthews, why not make it a third? What ​Matthews did on Sunday afternoon absolutely cannot be a roughing the passer penalty if this league is going to survive, and is just the latest example of the league taking form tackles and turning them into something to be ashamed of. Matthews has clearly had enough, and said as such in his postgame interview.

​​Claiming the NFL is "getting soft," Matthews is absolutely right to voice his opinion here.

After all, what else is he supposed to do? These aren't late hits. These aren't excessive, and to the head. They're all just football plays, and approximately 35 percent of them are getting flagged at random intervals. You just never know what you're going to get.

Matthews nailed it. Not only is it a soft league, but it's a confused group right now. This can't be the sticking point.

If the NFL doesn't come to a conclusion soon on whether or not contact is allowed in a contact sport, I'm sure many more outspoken voices will join Matthews in displeasure.