​If this is ​roughing the passer, then lock me up. I've probably roughed a passer at some point in my life, too. I deserve to be penalized for 15 yards or so. ​Tyrone Crawford got a Clay Matthews-like rude awakening in Dallas' game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday afternoon, receiving a penalty for playing the great game of football.

​​That's roughing the passer. It's also a nice, firm hug. It's ALSO the literal only way to take Russell Wilson down. But, you know, you do you, y'all.

The Cowboys are already up against the wall this year, trying to ride a stout defense and Dak Prescott to some form of success. But if that stout defense isn't allowed to wrap up mobile quarterbacks, then we're not sure what to do with our hands. Cheer? Boo? This is the worst.