John Lynch and the 49ers are holding their collective breath, as their ​huge offseason investment has gone down with a what looks like a ​knee injury after a dirty hit by Chiefs defender Steven Nelson.

​Nelson lowered his shoulder and really laid into Jimmy G, who was clearly a runner on this play. Still, Nelson's intentions are questionable here, as Garoppolo appeared to be heading out of bounds after getting past the first-down marker. Instead, Nelson wanted to dish out some pain.

Nelson's wallet ought to be hurting after that decision-making.

The long-term concern for Garoppolo is very real, however. The injury itself was scary, as Garoppolo's knee buckled on the play. After initially hoping to treat Jimmy G on the field, the medical team eventually had to call for the cart and take the up-and-coming QB to the locker room.

Jimmy G's meteoric rise has been well-document, and we can only hope it isn't halted anytime soon.