​Well, well, well...looks like @thebledshow is taking to social media for recruitment strategies.

Eric Bledsoe recently liked a comment on Instagram that hinted at Jimmy Butler joining his Milwaukee Bucks. ​Butler recently requested a trade from the Timberwolves leaving many to begin speculating what team he'd go to. 

Bledsoe clearly wants him to join forces in Milwaukee. 

Looks like he's already planting the seeds in Butler's mind. Who wouldn't want to head to the Bucks, right on the cusp of greatness?

Butler wants out of Minnesota after a meeting with Tom Thibodeau went poorly, and reports began to come out centered around a locker room divide between Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns. The star shooting guard only just arrived to the Wolves, but he wants out, and Bledsoe is playing the social media recruitment game to get him to Milwaukee on the down low.

Could the Bucks be a good fit for the 29-year-old star?

Jimmy Buckets probably isn't checking social media to help him decide on​ where he'll end up. Bledsoe can like all the comments he wants, but it doesn't mean a thing when it comes to the Timberwolves' decision process. 

We'll just have to wait and see where Butler ends up, but it sounds like a trade is coming fast for the star shooting guard.