​The Philadelphia Phillies have won more games this season than they have since 2012, proving, despite a lack of playoff spot, that 2019's the time to win now.

With plenty of salary to toss around, and a few great star players already in place, the Phillies are set to retool this offseason to become the a major threat in the still-young NL East.

As we found out from MLB insider Ken Rosenthal Saturday, the Phillies will be open for business on the trade market following this season, except for a few untouchables. 

​​The two players that the Phillies will not trade are obvious, with one being a front-runner for the Cy Young, while the other has hit 50 home runs in his first 194 career games. 

The Phillies have a budding superstar in slugger Rhys Hoskins and their ace of the future in Aaron Nola, which makes them a ​fantastic free agency destination for 2019.

Both Manny Machado and ​Bryce Harper will be free agents after the season and could be heading to Philadelphia

If they can add one or both of those superstars and make some trades to fill the holes in their roster, then they will be possible favorites to win the NL East, attempting to dethrone the Braves dynasty just one year into the process.