​Look who's back. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is making his return to the field today after being ​suspended the first three games of the season due to his alleged knowledge and subsequent inaction in the Zach Smith domestic abuse case. Meyer's welcome back by Buckeye fans was disappointingly warm. Apparently, they have all forgotten why the coach was gone for three weeks. But don't worry, it was incredibly lame.

​​Ohio State supporters couldn't wait to high-five the coach and welcome him back, as none of the controversy apparently matters to some Buckeye fans. They just want their guy back, regardless of the blatant negligence he committed off the field.

In fact, plenty of them ​supported Meyer throughout this entire fiasco. Many didn't even think Meyer needed to serve his suspension. Apparently ​neither did he. It's clear that no one really learned anything from this.

The entire spectacle is just another clear indication that college football fans only care about winning. Everything else, including basic morality, doesn't mean much to them. The only things that matter at the end of the day are national titles and bowl game appearances.