​​College GameDay is in Eugene, Oregon on this lovely Saturday as it awaits the big matchup between two ranked Pac-12 opponents. The Oregon Ducks will host the Stanford Cardinal tonight, and Oregon faithful were up at the crack of dawn for this one.

The outcome of this game will set the tone for the conference for the remainder of the season. Ducks fans certainly know what's at stake, but they spent A LOT of their effort going after their former coach, Willie Taggart.

And that's not all!

Two losses and a close call against Samford. Wait, who?

One more!

And now, for the evisceration of Stanford.

Oooooohhh boy.

Bryce Love might be a Heisman candidate and all, but really what are you if you don't care about the environment?

That's just sick.

Can SOMEONE hold Stanford accountable please?

Make them pay, Mr. Duck!

Is Kanye West in the crowd??

Maybe not, but we know there are PLENTY of Justin Herbert fans in attendance.

That's a pretty detailed poster, but this fan is revolutionizing the use of ​GameDay signs.

And this one might take the cake.

But don't worry, Stanford fans. You guys had some people there, and this one fan SURELY came out firing.

JK, there are no Stanford fans in Eugene. This is an old sign.

​​Lee Corso picked the Ducks, and Oregon is READY to go.